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Aquarius Tattoos (January 20-February 18)

Aquarius is the eleventh of the twelve signs of the zodiac, corresponding to the constellation Aquarius, and is most often depicted as a man pouring water from an urn.

Aquarius image It is the only zodiac sign that has only one man (the others with humans are either twins or females) There are many variations for Aquarius artwork. Though not accurate to the legends, oftentimes the water bearer is drawn as a woman. Many times, only the down-turned urn is portrayed. Whichever variant is chosen, the most important feature is that water must be flowing out of the vessel.

Aquarius Glyph The glyph for Aquarius looks like two parallel and horizontal jagged lines. The image is very similar to the way we all drew pictures of water when we were children, with little squiggly lines to represent waves.

Aquarius tattoos can be of the image, glyph, or combination of both.

Aquarius is an air element sign, and is ruled by the planet Uranus. The legend behind Aquarius is varied and unclear. The story told most frequently is that the image is of Ganymede, a gentle shepherd boy who found favor with the ancient Greek gods. They made him immortal, so he could eternally bring them nectar to drink from a cup. Common wisdom has it that the waters that pour from the urn are the waters of spiritual knowledge; the celestial waters of the powerful ancient gods.

The Aquarius personality may at times appear fragile, but in reality has the resources for survival. Aquarians generally want to be friends, have a live and let live attitude, and they love to inspire trust, impart knowledge, and help others. They would rather be different than ordinary. Aquarians are often scientists, social workers, or in the military. The lists below show a number of characteristics, both positive and negative, that different sources attribute to Aquarius:

Positive: wise, refined, artistic, tenacious, intuitive, independent, original, friendly, humanitarian, progressive, persistent, inventive, creative, tolerant, fond of science and literature, optimistic.

Negative: erratic, perverse, would rather destroy status quo than work to establish benefits for the future.

Characteristics associated with Aquarius, which may be customized into a unique Aquarius tattoo design:
  • Body Part: Ankles, Shins
  • Color: Blue-Violet
  • Metal: Lead
  • Flower: Tulip
  • Gem: Jade (Amethyst)
  • Food: Pomegranates
Famous Aquarians include Lord Byron, Charles Darwin, and Thomas Edison.