Tuesday, January 29

Rose Tattoo, colors suggest ideas

The last thing you should take into consideration is whether any ink other than black should be included. Traditionally, you get red roses, but this need not be the case with your design of a rose tattoo. You are in the driving seat to choose any color your dreams can come up with, but make sure that you comprehend the symbolism of different colors. These vary from person to person, but some cases could be black (which normally denotes death, but which could equally be used as a mark of respect to a relative who has recently died), blue (which usually signifies challenges await the wearer and you will work hard to beat them), golden (which traditionally stands for achievements and fortune), yellow (which typically emphasizes new birth and happiness) and white (which nearly always implies purity and forgiveness). Choose your chosen colors carefully; there is no reason why you have to have just one color.